Computer Repair – A Comprehensive Know how

Posted by admin on September - 10 - 2016

When you need to get your laptop or desktop fixed then the below details and pointers will help you decide on the services you need and how to get the quality service for the best prices.

How to get the quality service for the best price:

  • Expertise:

Look for the expertise in the company. Check that the technicians are licensed, insured and experienced. Know your requirement and ensure that you have a fully qualified technician working with you.

  • Customer satisfaction:

Always be aware of how your service request is taken care of and the turnaround time for your requirement.

  • Payment:

Check the payment options before you get the service done.  Always take service who will take exact fees for the particular services that they have provided rather than a package or a rounding off system.

Types of services:

When you call for a qualified and certified expert to help you with your computer issues you will be notified about the kind of service you shall require. There are two kinds of services that companies usually offer

  1. On-site services
  2. Remote support

Let us look at each of these services in a detailed manner.

Computer repair

On-site services

  • This is basically the expert will come to your place to help you resolve your computer issue.
  • He will do the following things in order to know the issue
  • Know your computer issues that you are facing.
  • Remove any virus or spyware that exists in your computer.
  • Check your security walls and stop any future virus attacks
  • Check and fix any network issues, internet or Wi-Fi connection
  • Fix or resolve all the software problems
  • Make sure that all peripherals are connected and working properly. By peripherals it means the cameras and printers.
  • Clean and install any new parts that are required for better functioning of your computer

After doing this extensive work, if your computer still needs help then the expert may send the computer to the companies repair facility for a deeper check and fixing.

Remote Support:

This is basically needed if you need the help right away or if it’s a smaller issue/ general issue which can be resolved remotely over phone.  This is also known as online computer repair.

In this type of service, most of the above steps are completed but the only difference is its done remotely.

Steps like

  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Security checking
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Wi-Fi and internet connection removal.
  • Software check and installation.


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